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About Lead Generator Pros

Lead Generator Pros began years ago with just one customer. We had a vision of becoming a digital marketing agency that our clients can truly trust. We listened and understood the concerns of our customers who were tired of wasting ad dollars with agencies that did not listen or satisfy their needs

That's what makes us different.

Lead Generator Pros Marketing Team


Lead Generator Pros is an accomplished digital marketing agency in Fresno that works with clients in virtually every industry. We provide a full platform of services including SEO, paid ads, and web design.


We familiarize ourselves with each new brand to implement hand-tailored strategies that fit your business model. Our experts continuously strive to improve your ROI each month, while consistently reducing your regular ad spend.


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Services We Offer to Fresno Businesses

Lead Generator Pros offers a complete platform of digital marketing services. Instead of searching for multiple companies to deliver high-quality projects, learn how our unified team of experts delivers comprehensive marketing services that synergize and deliver unparalleled results for your business.


If you want your business to survive online, you can't do it without professional SEO services. Work with our talented representatives who know exactly how to rank your site for relevant keywords and get more eyes on your website now and for years to come. We also provide monthly content pieces that educate and engage your clients, while aiding your efforts to rank for additional keywords.

Google Ads

Extend your ads to create a diverse online presence for your business and get the most publicity. We brainstorm to find the right keywords to target your business’s display, search, and video ads. We manage your AdWords campaign to bring in new website visits and increase lead generation. Our experts utilize sophisticated software to automatically manage your budget and keeping your costs competitive. This service now includes YouTube video ads!

Facebook Ads

With nearly three billion active users on Facebook, advertisements are the best way to grab their attention. Implementing the right Facebook campaigns helps you catch the eye of customers and build rapport with them. Our experts know exactly how to take advantage of Facebook's sophisticated algorithm to start delivering you new leads each and every day.

Industry Leader

Lead Generator Pros consists of marketing leaders that collectively share over 35 years of experience in paid ads, social, content, and more. You can count on us to execute your personalized strategy.

Quality Guaranteed

There is no such thing as too small of a client. Our team treats every business with the same level of commitment, whether you're a brand-new startup or a large-scale enterprise. We commit to excellence, always.

Guaranteed Revenue

Our marketing strategies are proven to deliver, and we are confident enough to guarantee additional revenue and sales for your business moving forward. We know how to help you start winning big online.

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Client Quotes

Female Client

“I've been using Facebook ads with their help for over a year now. I consistently get new leads with each offer, and the costs per month are extremely reasonable."

Dana Rosen
LGP Male Client

“Incredible service all around. By the end of the first month, we were dealing with more new leads than we knew what to do with. I can't recommend them enough.”

Benjamin Lopez
Woman client

“It's not just the work they do with paid aids, but services like SEO and content really do add up. I had just a basic website, which has now evolved into an amazing resource for my customers.”

Jane Adams
LGP Client

“I'm truly impressed at how well they've done at actually lowering my ad expenses every month. I was counting on new leads to come in, but I didn't expect to keep up this pace. The team here knows how to do the job correctly.”

Rina Harris